In 1910 miners at Maltby Colliery reached the Barnsley seam causing an economic boom. The village population increased from 700 in 1901, to 1700 by 1911, topping 7500 by 1921.

In 1911 a new underground manager Thomas Davis, a keen musician, started Maltby Main Brass Band. The early 1920s proved to be a very active and successful time for the band which entered its first competition in 1920. The band travelled to London in 1921 to compete at the Crystal Palace.

In 1923 the Maltby Pit disaster occurred. An underground explosion killed 27 workers and the band carried out many tribute recitals raising money for bereaved relatives. In 1929 Maltby Main Brass Band amalgamated with the local St John’s Ambulance Brigade Corps Band.

Maltby Band 1964

In 1935 the Maltby Main St John Ambulance Band as it was now known, became one of 42 bands employed by the BBC and in October of that year broadcast liveon BBC radio across the British Empire. Resultant publicity increased band activities including a further Radio broadcast in 1937.

The band continued but on a reduced scale through the Second World War. Information and Band records are scarce until the 1960s, which probably reflects the level of activity over the period.

In the early 1960s the band became known as the Maltby Miners Welfare Band taking the name of the Social Club which had become the bands' permanent home. However the band experienced a steady decline through the 1960s until the appointment of John "Jonny" Jones as Musical Director, a musician with Championship experience as a player.

Third place in the qualifying round of the WD & HO Wills Brass Band Championships 1971 saw the band competing in London for the finals in April of that year. Jonny Jones continued to work tirelessly and on March 11th 1974 the band won its first contest in almost 30 years in the third section Clipstone Spring Contest.This was followed later in the year with victory in the Edwinstowe Contest.

Maltby Band 1976

In the interests of achieving greater but illusive contest success Jonny Jones unselfishly invited some of the country’s top conductors to lead the band in competition. His ambitions for the band were not matched by its achievements and in 1976 Jonny resigned, suggesting it might be re-invigorated by fresh blood.

When in May 1977 Julie Holling was appointed the band’s new conductor she was reputed to be the country’s first female musical director. This resulted in unprecedented and unexpected national publicity via radio, newspapers and TV. Two years of increasing contest success followed and a steady stream of young players were blooded through the efforts of long serving Band Master Jimmy Harris, helping to ensure high playing standards could be maintained.

In January 1979 disaster struck when the Miners Welfare was destroyed by fire along with uniforms, music and instruments.

Contest success continued but in 1982 Julie resigned and the band also lost the services of her talented musical family. In July 1983 Edgar Kennedy was appointed Musical Director but various factors including lack of playing strength, industrial, economic and funding cutbacks, had a detrimental effect on playing standards and brought a decline in band activity. Edgar resigned his services and Maltby Miners Welfare Band were looking for its second Musical Director in two years.

In 1984 following an extensive recruitment and audition process Terry Clifford our current conductor was appointed. Since then it is fair to say the band the band has gone from strength to strength with increasing appearances at local events and concerts.

The increased playing proficiency is evidenced by continuing contest successes including first place in the fourth section Yorkshire area in 1999 and second place in 2001.

In 2008 the band qualified for the National Brass Band Championships in Harrogate as Fourth Section Yorkshire Champions 2008/09.

2011 was our Centenary Year and in addition to our thirty plus annual concerts etc. we marked the occasion with a celebratory CD, and a Reunion Social to which anyone and everyone connected to Maltby Band past or present was invited.